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Improve quality of life, enhance public safety and maximize operational preparedness through the power of video and IoT for actionable insights and data-driven analysis.

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Smart Spaces are emerging all around us, becoming safer, more sustainable and improving our experience, while driving efficiency. Download our brochure to learn more about our step-by-step process.

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Identify critical spaces within your business to map out placement of assets, customers, guests and/or patrons as they would reside in relation to your organization.

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Define your organization's goals to align them with KPI’s through measurable analytics that drive a successful business outcome.

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Collect data from multiple sources such as hardware and software components to drive actionable insights and analytics.

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Build a center of excellence within your organization by leveraging existing talent to optimize the use of new and existing resources, platforms, systems and software to achieve scalable success.

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Partner with an end-to-end solution provider that can serve as an extension of your team to transform your space into a connected, data-driven machine.

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Implement video intelligent solutions by connecting your partner and center of excellence to achieve operational outcomes, enhance safety and security and improve overall customer experience.

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It's possible to :

Improve traffic, parking and transit flow

Unify disparate city operations systems into a holistic single pane of glass view

Perform enhanced analysis and correlation of systems, video, sensors and IoT data points

Increase pedestrian and driver safety

Optimize street and intersection design

Enable a more proactive approach to operational decision-making

Gain insight into driver and pedestrian behaviors and patterns

Improve city safety and operational efficiencies with quicker response to crime, violations and/or emergencies

More accurately measure ROI of the utilization of public spaces

Adhere to privacy standards and compliance requirements

Real-time, map-based visualization of people, roads, intersections, secure spaces and public transit for analytic insights

Scale operational and business intelligence

Elements of a Smart City


A network of smart edge devices serves as the eyes and ears of your city by continuously gathering data about the world around us and preparing it for analysis.

Data Storage
& Management

Built-for-video solutions support the unique requirements and capabilities of video data to establish an accurate framework for analysis.


Analytics dashboards unify disparate systems, data sources and video management systems into a single view, providing a comprehensive picture of your operations.

Visualization & Analytics

Analytics dashboards and geospatial visualizations of data from buildings, vehicles, cameras and other objects provide critical alerts and real-time views of smart cities.

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Forward-Thinking Fireside Chats

We know what it means to be data-driven, connected and how to operate in our ever-evolving digital world. We were born industrial and we breathe digital. Data is in our DNA. That’s why we help mission-critical organizations use data to get from Now to Next – going from data-rich to data-driven. Hear what other leaders are saying about what it takes to become SMART.

Customer Stories

Innovative Hitachi Vantara customers use technology in ways that showcase creativity, faster digital transformation and deliver business value. Can we help transform your enterprise?

New to Smart Cities?

Book our Art of the Possible presentation to learn how video intelligence can transform the future of your city and the lives of its residents. Join us for a conversation about smart city basics, video and IoT technologies, and how to get from Now to Next. Hosted by John H. Smerkar Jr.

Is your city ready?

Book our Smart City Initiative for an in-depth conversation tailored to identifying specific solutions for your city or space. Join us to discuss how integrated video, analytics and IoT technologies can solve challenges related to traffic, public safety, people flow and more. Hosted by Nick Wojciak.

Art of the possible

An Introduction To Smart Cities
john smerkar jr
John H. Smerkar Jr, MBA

Global Director of Smart Spaces and Lumada Video Insights Marketing

Smart city initiative

Designing Solutions for Public Spaces
Nick Wokciak
Nick Wojciak

Business Development Director

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